So You're Going Contracting!
So you're going contracting

This book tells you everything you need to know to make it as a successful consultant / contractor in a succinct and easy to digest package. Contracting is not as complicated as many make out, as you will discover from reading this book. The author has been a successful consultant for over a decade and demystifies the process with real-world advice and recommendations that have served him well.

From establishing whether you have the skills to go contracting (spoiler alert - you do!), this book guides the reader through finding and securing a contract as well as offering tips to maximise rates and income. This book will guide you through the set up of a limited company as well as giving an overview of the other options for payment vehicle such as an umbrella company.

Once the company is set up, this book remains a valuable resource with a comprehensive guide on running a company as well as samples and templates of all the major documents a successful company director will need. A full explanation of all taxes and liabilities is provided, as well as real-world examples of how contractors popularly structure their affairs to maximise efficiencies.

In short, 'So You're Going Contracting' gives you the tools to set out as a self-employed consultant or contractor in a time-efficient package, freeing the reader to pursue that dream. Maximise your income and free yourself from the shackles of an employee - you can do it!



5-Star Reviews

Sitting pretty at 4.5-stars, with most reviewers rating it a '5'. This book has launched hundreds of contractors!


Peaking at #3 in the Amazon charts, So You're Going Contracting is still in the top 100 after 3 years!

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