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So what is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of creating relevant and valuable content for visitors to your website. We create compelling content that addresses the issues a visitor to your site might seek answers for. This results in better customer engagement, which builds trust and loyalty and over time increases sales whilst reducing costs associated with customer retention. It is basically the game the whole Internet is playing - everyone wants to create content people want to read, so whether you're an individual, a company, a massive company or a search engine - you want people to use your service. They will use your service if it gives them something they want. No surprise then that Content Marketing is a fundamental part of our approach to SEO and building successful websites that engage their audiences.

Content Marketing goes light on the bombardment of users with the usual sales patter and constant pushing of products. To use ourselves as an example - we might want to respond to the question 'Who is the Best Hosting Company of the Year?' with 'We Are!', 'Us!', 'Buy Stuff off Us!' and so on. We might even be right, and be able to back it up with our awards and testimonials... but actually a prospective customer asking that question would probably appreciate reading about what it is that makes a hosting company good, therefore what they might want to look for when selecting one.

With that in mind, it is likely that in an A/B test where:

Article A = 'Black Chili are the Best Hosting Company of the Year!'

Article B = 'What features should I look for in a good hosting company?'

It is very likely that Article B will be more useful to a reader and relevant to a larger number of people, hence more valuable. It will be read and shared more, and will return higher search engine positions, resulting in it being read and shared more! And to finish using the same example - what if the article about what you're looking for in a web hosting company just happens to be on a site for a hosting company? And maybe there is one discrete link at the close of it telling the reader that all the things they need are available right here / right now. Well, isn't that convenient? Why on earth would they go anywhere else?

So yeah, that's Content Marketing.

How Black Chili do it

Well, Black Chili are at a pretty serious advantage when it comes to the creation of compelling content. All our staff are right here in the UK, fluent speakers of the language. Paul has an English Degree from a top UK university and has published a couple of books - so we know how to research to build high-quality content, and we know how to write. The joined-up nature of our services means we understand what the search engines and content aggregators (flash talk for the sites that take content and make it 'go viral') want to see in content they would like to promote to their audiences. Our SEO, digital marketing, social network influencers and content specialists will create complimentary structures to ensure results across the board.

We have created high-quality content for many organisations over the years, delivering proven results in terms of search results, Return on Investment (ROI), increased site visitors and customers, all of which drive sales for our customers by delivering them an engaged and loyal customer base who value the content produced.

How We Work

Here at Black Chili, we work with you to understand your business, your customers, their pain points and the value you're adding. We will use similar principles to those we build successful SEO plans upon to identify online spaces your organisation could occupy with quality content. We will look at the questions potential customers are asking, to which you could provide an answer. Typically, we would recommend the creation of a series of pieces for content marketing, each of which can reference the others, building a richer resource for your site visitors and customers.

Armed with some concepts for articles and some keywords and phrases, we will request supporting information from you. If your company build widgets, what makes a good widget? What could widgets be used for? Any innovations in the world of widgets? And of course, what makes your widgets the finest that money can buy? We will combine this with researched content to compliment your material to create professional results, and fundamentally material that people want to read. Material that once they have read it, they will want to share it with their friends, family and colleagues.

Getting the word(s) out

Once we've got the content together, we will ensure it is branded correctly as well as being presented in a voice consistent with that of your wider site. We will gather suitable images to support the message as well as creating links to relevant site locations be they internal or external. We will make sure the keywords prioritised for a given piece are consistent with your broader marketing strategy.

We have spent many years identifying the best times of day, week and month to release content for optimal visibility worldwide, and we will ensure we position your content for success. We want to demonstrate the value of our efforts and take enormous pride in them, so the success of our projects is every bit as important to us as it is to you.

It's Away!

Once we've created the content, we can sort out hosting for you should you so wish, as well as integrating digital marketing and SEO via our experienced staff. Once your new content is live we will keep an eye on it, monitoring the analytics to ensure the right eyes are upon it, as well as tweaking where necessary to ensure the best possible results.

Content is King

We've said it before, but it's worth saying it again. In the same way as only your Mum and your mates will visit your website without SEO, even they won't hang around if there isn't anything to see. Investment in content is not a luxury, it is no exaggeration to say that without high-quality content your site is on borrowed time. Let Black Chili help you get your message out to the world in a powerful and authentic way.

Content Marketing Success Story #1: Tutorially

Content Marketing

Black Chili have been creating weekly content marketing material for Tutorially for several months. Despite the relative immaturity of the relationship, we have seen exceptional results from Content Marketing as well as good tie-in and consistency with the broader SEO and marketing efforts of a company fast becoming the number 1 tuition management software solution in the UK.

Using Content Marketing to emphasise the importance of quality tuition, how students can find good tutors, how tutors can save time and money with a well-designed tuition management product as well as many other aspects of the tuition sector has allowed Tutorially to establish itself as an authoritative voice in the tuition space, particularly in the UK.

During our time working with them, Tutorially's site traffic is up over 400%. Every piece of content we have created has placed at least 6 keywords, with more the 60% of them delivering a Page 1 result on Google within a month and resulting in several hundred site visits each month. With content specifically designed to be evergreen (always relevant, undated) we have every confidence that those numbers will continue to improve as time passes.

The FREE SSL Certificates we provide with all our hosting packages help to boost Domain Authority, as well as increasing confidence since Google's update that marked non-https sites as insecure.

We have used Black Chili for many years and have always found their work to be superb. They make amendments quickly and have always been helpful with any of our enquiries. We couldn't be happier.


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Content Marketing Success Story #2: Writington

Writington - a Home for all Writers. Black Chili have been providing content for this popular writing site for many years. And what a tough crowd! Writing for writers was always going to be a challenge! We have provided content on various aspects of the writing process from technical to spiritual, as well as supporting a book launch and being instrumental in delivering the title in question to the Top 10 on Amazon!

As you would expect from us, we've delivered significant increases in site traffic, authority and visibility, as well as managing Social Media and ensuring consistency of message across channels.

Get in touch

At Black Chili, we pride ourselves on creating engaging content that moves the reader. You are demonstrating how good we are for yourself right now - having absorbed over 1000-words, you're still here! We will guarantee an effective service to create elegant and effective content that our SEO team can drive traffic to for maximum results. We're not into the 'hard sell', so that's it - we know what we're doing with Content Marketing, and we know what works. We've already proven our approach works because you found this page when you could have found any other website design service worldwide - but here you are.

You are very welcome to give us a call, but we can prepare an initial assessment of your requirements and a proposal in advance if you contact us via email, or the contacts page.

Why Black Chili

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